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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Males

The backbone of a great breeding program are the males. Their genetics stamp the potential onto all their puppies. Twenty-one years of careful selection results in this phenominal line up.

Outback’s Whiplash

Our latest stud dog addition, Whiplash, not yet a year old, is developing impressively. Whip, a Braveheart and Butte offspring born in the fall of 2023, mirrors his father. His pedigree is graced with AKC Champions, contributing to his impeccable movement and striking appearance. With NAVDA Prize winners and a Hall of Fame dog in his lineage, we’re excited to see his potential unfold. As his first hunting season approaches, we

Butte View’s Bitburger Pilsner

Butte View’s BitsBurger Pilsner is our newest member of our stud dog line up. He hails from Butte View Kennels out of Reno NV. Becky owns Butte View Kennels and has raised, trained, and shown Griffons for the past 30 years. Very successfully I might add, Butte has literally 5 generations plus of Champions or Grand Champions on both sides of his pedigree. As you might imagine he glides across ground like he moves on rails.

Towser will do anything you ask.

Outback’s Towser Augustus

Towser is another spectacular example of what a well bred Griffon can be. Towser is the son of Chrome our Aux Lake bred male. He is the proverbial chip off the ol block. He is affable, and a jokester, loves stuffed animals, and his favorite friend is a Shih Tzu named Sapphire. Sounds like a dating site, and that’s just the beginning. All the grandkids love this goofy guy, and all the hunters want to take him home.

ONCE in a lifetime Griffon

Outback’s Bandit

Bandit, classic steel, harsh coat, coupled with a deep brown contrasting head and a white tuft on the end of his tail. He is a dynamic hunter, and very quick, both to point and on recall. He locks up on a dime and is coming along well in our kennel filled with over achievers. Bandit is a co-own with my Nephew and his family, Mitchell Holt. Bandit’s main job is a pet to 3 boys and a girl to play with all under 7 years old.

Monson’s Coppershot’s DEVO JH

Nicole Renee Johnson

Meet DEVO, the epitome of rugged elegance. DEVO is a dual registered AKC and NAVDA Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, his good looks complement his natural hunting instinct. March 28, 2021

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