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Faith x Towser March

The Breakfast Club 11 days old

Cocoa, Cream, and Coffee

These 11 day old Faith X Towser female Wirehaired Pointing Griffon pups still have eyes tightly sealed. By next week we will see them tottering about some.

The Litter theme is The Breakfast Club, with top puppy Cocoa, middle Cream, and bottom Coffee.

11 day old Female Griffons

Boys 11 days Faith X Towser

Benidict, Bear Claw, Buckwheat

The boys are doing as well as the girls with Bear Claw doing a big ol stretch in the middle and Buckwheat showing off his slightly redder coloring which makes him and Cocoa our 2 Chestnut pups in this litter.

Individual photos will come as they become more ….. individual :] Coat lengths are still too early to tell.

Buckwheat, Bear Claw, Benidict

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