Faith X Towser 4 weeks

The Breakfast Club Griffon Style

This is when the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies start getting fun. Idaho Outback Griffons produces another litter with is all Brains, Beauty and inborn Birdy! The four week old toddlers are just that toddlers. Getting their sea legs, they are romping about in the green grass and sunshine. They are starting to really enjoy their water moistened kibble but do not lack for calories. Six puppies is a small litter as Griffons go, and they have ample food. They have their 2nd worming under their belts, and will soon be doing laps about their acre playground. Grandma Brave experienced a false pregnancy including milk so she is also mothering them, with her daughter Momma Faith.


Buckwheat Tight Medium Chestnut Coat

Buckwheat has a tight medium coat, with a smart solid dark Chestnut head and almost solid tail lacking a few white hairs. He is an easy puppy to photograph tail up ready to explore. Shown here with some momma pics too.

Bear Claw

Bear Claw, our only fluffy, and he is not a crazy super fluff, has a solid brown coat with the steel roan body. He is darling of course, waddling about on his short chubby legs. He will grow soon enough.


Benedict had places to go during our photo shoot today. This is big adventure for them as I take them away from their gang and encourage them to sniff about and explore for some natural pictures. He was ready and willing!

Tight coat, happy little fella.



SO to head anyone off at the pass, the blue eyes will be either brown or gold at maturity. Cream is a smart little thing with plenty of attitude for a week old little sister. Tight coated as all 3 female are sporting. I guess that was the in thing this season for The Breakfast Club.


Coffee no need for Caffeine!


Coffee is a darling little bundle exceptionally snuggly, and people oriented. Tubby now but no doubt will be the package once she really starts moving. Tight coated, darling just darling!


My Chestnut headed bomber. She is style already nose down, ready to roll kindof girl. Tight coated cause that’s the cool thing. I wanna look just like Mom and Grandma.

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