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Faith X Towser 3 weeks

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies are now 3 weeks old. Thankfully the weather though fickle, has warmed and is greening the grass. The puppies are just starting to move around some, mostly headed to their mom, or out of the sun. I introduced water moistened puppy food but because the litter is small the puppies are not hungry and are as of yet uninterested in outside nutrition. I am guessing coat lengths this week.


Cocoa is the only Chestnut female, a tight coated perfect little Griffon. As it turns out all 3 females from this litter are tight coats like their mother, Faith and Grandmother Brave. All 3 males have more coat than the girls! Sometimes as they mature I may alter my view on the coat length stay tuned.

Cocoa Female

Cream Female

Coffee, I’ll take it black :]


Bear Claw appears to be the only fluffy in this litter. I consider Benidict to have a medium coat and Buckwheat is tight coated though he has a bit more coat than his sisters.

Bear Claw



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