The Golden List

Cost and How to Get on the Golden List: If you have researched the breed and potential breeders and have decided that you truly want an “Outback” bred Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy and are willing to wait for availability, you can join the Golden Waitlist. Most people are offered puppies within the first 6 months. […]

The Picking Process

Here at Idaho Outback, I value long-time interest rather than the order of deposit. Regardless of when a deposit is received, I prioritize every litter based on the original email date. This means that if you showed interest in the breed and contacted me about my kennel three years ago, I will refer to that […]

Puppy Pricing
& Getting the Puppy Home

Costs Involved: Our puppies are registered with the AKC. We sell AKC registered pups with open or closed contracts as per our discussion. I am happy to send you puppy cost information but prefer you email me for the specifics. I accept deposits once you have decided. $250 is due when added to the Golden […]

Male or Female?

Males are generally bigger physically, up to 2 inches taller at the shoulder than the tallest allowed female. They, as a whole, benefit from testosterone, which I believe makes them have slightly bigger movements and perhaps a little more independence. They may also be less reactive to new stimuli. An example I commonly use is […]

How About 2?

There is a significant difference between adding a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon or two to your pack and having five resident Griffons. Nonetheless, adding one to your pack seems to be an overall wonderful experience. I love when folks add a puppy to their pack before their old dog becomes cranky and tired. There are two […]

How Do I Pick?

Physical Attributes of M&Ms and Puppies: I have seen many litters of Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies. Even with an experienced eye, walking into a room with 12 Griffon puppies is overwhelming. First off, they all look alike… well, not exactly, but overall they do. Hopefully, they have identifying collars. It’s like picking out a special […]

Griffon Puppy 101

Food Your puppy has been fed Diamond Puppy, which was purchased from our local outlet. I prefer the smaller kibble size at this age. By 3 months of age, I will transition the Griffon puppies to a large breed puppy food; my current choice is Diamond. If I notice inconsistent stool, my first choice is […]

Goals at Idaho Outback Griffons

Goal 1: Health and conformation Our philosophy is to produce a puppy at the height of its potential. We start by carefully selecting our breeding stock. I use AKC/NAVDA registered, health-screened, tested dogs that perfectly fall within AKC standards, giving us the best chance to produce a healthy, long-lived dog. I keep the best examples […]

Idaho Outback Griffons Beginnings

As an avid hunting family, I quickly felt our hunting dogs lacked family friendly skills that I wanted in our daily house and as field companions. Elliott and I first acquired a wonderful German Shorthair we named Zane, and followed him with a Ryman line English Setter we named Teak. As our family grew so […]

My Ever After Farm