Porkchop X Watson 8 weeks

A Persian and Exotic Shorthair still AVAILABLE Call or email for details and pricing on these 2 kittens. ExoticsandPersians@christy Sundae Sundae is a shaded dilute calico. She has the black eye liner thanks to the silver gene, her now green eyes will turn copper penny color. She already has a luxurious coat and will undoubtedly […]

Pork Chop X Watson

6 weeks old and hitting all their marks. A delightful litter of Exotic Shorthair and a Persian Kitten.

Faith X Towser 4 weeks

AKC Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies! Now 4 weeks old, Champion lines, NAVDA Prize winners in the making!

Pork Chop X Watson 4 weeks

Porkchop and Watson’s Desert Bar of kittens are starting to tumble about. They crawled out of their birth bed and will be avq

Faith x Towser March

AT 11 days old The Breakfast club 3 boys and 3 girls are now 11 days old. Happy as little pups can be eating and growing with an indulgent Mommy Faith.

Chapel X Devo

Always with our eye to the sky, we are happy to announce the breeding of Chapel X Devo Devo adds a little France to our lines as well as some high achieving American Bloodlines. Chapel our Runway model of Griffon world has a star studded pedigree fierce prey drive and is an excellent house companion.

The Breeding Journey

Slow and steady, Sometimes things don’t go quite as quickly as planned on a farm. But we always strive for the end game so it may take us longer but the prize will be worth it!

Faith X Towser 3-24-2024

Faith is a fabulous mom, and has produced 6 darling Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies, 3 males and 3 females. These puppies are very conform, at more than 1 # each at birth, a benefit of a small litter size. The puppies are enjoying the early stimulation we employ from day 1. Check in weekly for updated pictures, which will include my musings on Physical Features, as well as Personality Traits. I will additionally be posting tips and tricks designed to make puppy ownership easier.

My Ever After Farm