Exotic Shorthair, Exotic Longhair & Persian Differences

To be concise, this is mostly about coat lengths, and a little about the 2 major Cat Show clubs in the USA. Exotic Shorthairs, ESH, are the short, plush coated version of a Persian. In every way the ESH is body wise identical to any Persian. They have the exact same standard in size, shape, and type. They are shown in separate classes and only compete if they are in a winner’s group. Recognized by both TICA, The International Cat Association, and CFA, Cat Fanciers Association.

61 CFA Persian & Exotic Shorthair Colors

MYLYON Kitten Color cheat sheet Everyone sees the classic Persian in every print ad and commercial. They are often a solid white or a Chinchilla, a white cat with silver tips and green eyes. I love a white Exotic Shorthair or Persian and our own CFA Champion Watson is a solid white copper eyed beauty. […]

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